“Mary Laura was awesome. I have never heard a large room as intently focused…  Attendees were still talking the next day about it.” – Tom Rochon, CEO, Educational Records Bureau, New York


Mary Laura Philpott travels nationwide to speak with audiences of all kinds. She brings humor, relatability, and meaning to every gathering, from ticketed luncheons for 100 women to ballroom events for 2,000 professionals to book-club-style discussions for communities, schools, or companies. Have you considered swapping out the traditional, dry person-at-a-podium keynote with a live conversation with an author? Audiences love it, and it’s wonderfully easy to set up.

If you’re looking to liven up your event or offer conference attendees a session that’s down-to-earth, fun, and refreshing, Mary Laura Philpott may be the speaker you’re looking for. Simon Speakers is happy to provide a suggested list of interview questions tailored to your event’s theme, or the host may come up with their own! Topics to explore range from happiness and creativity to personal reinvention, the trap of perfectionism, anxiety, love, hope, writing and self-expression — and more. Philpott is also delighted to do a live reading from her books if desired, and can suggest selections that suit the event’s theme.

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Recent bookings include: the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the Texas Conference for Women, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s “Women of Independence” Conference, the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Northwest College’s Wasden Reading Series, Guggenheim Partners company book club, Monteagle College Conference, BMW Women’s Executive Luncheon, and many more.

BONUS: What to Read — Having spent several years as a bookseller with one of the nation’s leading independent bookstores — as well as an Emmy-winning co-host of a literary interview show on public television — Philpott always has a list of great reads handy. She’s happy to tack a customized reading list onto any talk.

Books: Simon Speakers can connect you with a bookstore in your area to handle onsite book sales of Bomb Shelter and I Miss You When I Blink or provide attendees with books in advance.


“As she spoke the last words of her talk about perfectionism, you could have heard a pin drop. Mary Laura had everyone in that room riveted. She spoke with a genuine intensity and levity so refreshing you couldn’t help but feel like you were listening to the story of a friend you had always known. Bravo!” – Dawn Pumpelly, Women’s Economic Development Council and The Scout Guide, Huntsville, AL

“Mary Laura was awesome. I have never heard a large room as intently focused as the lunchtime ballroom of our annual ERB conference while she read. Attendees were still talking the next day about it.” – Tom Rochon, CEO, Educational Records Bureau, New York

“We thought it was important to bring in an author who could speak to topics that our employees could relate to — such as the pressure to be perfect, the importance of balancing different aspects of your life, and the experience of thinking, ‘Who am I and what am I going to do next?’” Mary Laura and I Miss You When I Blink were the perfect fit. Our employees loved hearing her speak and have raved about the book. We were so glad to highlight a woman that our colleagues could connect with by addressing issues that truly matter to them.” – Elinor Cleveland, Director of Corporate Events, Guggenheim Partners, New York


Mary Laura Philpott is represented for speaking engagements by Simon Speakers. If you’re interested in booking her to speak with your organization — or in receiving more information — get in touch here