A few selections:

The New York Times
To the Type-A Person Having a Meltdown
Hard Knock Life: What Are The Turtles Telling Me?
Shopping for a Car — And a Teenager’s Future
My Adventures in Accountability
Sing, O Muse, of the Mall of America
Wishing Away the Wish List 
The Power of Place
How to See More Of Your Best Friends? Move Away
When the Honeymoon Is Over: Settling Into Real Life
In Praise of Name Tags
Homework and Consequences
“Hookup Line”
And Then the Dog Died
Finding Friends in a New Town
Telling the Kids: We’re Moving
Raising — and Understanding — the Class Clown
Rekindling a Love for Dinner

The Washington Post
This Novel Has a Cat Narrator — And It Had Me at Meow
Look to the Lessons of Theater Kids
Learning From Our Mistakes
Teaching Girls to Save Their Own Lives
This Shop’s Walls Can Talk (In 140 Characters)

The Paris Review
The Case for Seasonal Sentimentality

Lit Hub
Why, Exactly, Do We Have Subtitles on Books?
Surviving the Ordinary: Why We Need Memoirs of Regular Lives
Stealing Stories, Book Tours, and Staying Off Twitter
Girl Scout Heart, Henry Miller Mind

Garden & Gun Magazine
Southern Women: Lee Smith, Storyteller
Expand Your Southern Canon

The Los Angeles Times
It’s Not the Celebrities You Mourn For

Why Writer Mary Laura Philpott Is Ditching Her Stilettos (And Why She Ever Wore Them in the First Place)

Wearing Someone Else’s Scrubs: The Comfortable Cotton of the Road Not Taken

Publishers Weekly
Think Before You Link

An Egg-Poaching Pep Talk That Is Definitely Not a Metaphor for a Writer’s Career

Stay With Me Explores How Infertility and Loss Can Test a Marriage

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Literary Pet Names Using Puns Unworthy of Their Namesakes
MORE Literary Pet Names Using Puns Unworthy of Their Namesakes
A Usage Guide to Timely Phrases Beginning With “As” and Their Lowercase Abbreviations