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Every people-problem looks less painful when you put it on a penguin.

A disastrous date. A terrible sunburn. A new tattoo gone ridiculously wrong. Not exactly the world’s most dire problems . . . but who hasn’t found themselves bemoaning a silly mistake or cringing over an awkward encounter? Penguins with People Problems are here to take the sting out of your most embarrassing missteps by showing that they’re really pretty funny.


Every penguin comes with a wry little caption, too.


Penguins with People Problems started as a Tumblr, then turned into a popular book published by Tarcher-Perigee, an imprint of (you guessed it) Penguin Random House. Find it in bookstores and gift shops around the world! Get the book and read reviews from BuzzFeed, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, and more on the penguins’ dedicated site: