The brand-new WildLifeCoach cartoon offers a little sunshine in an uncertain world.

It’s a fact: nature makes us happier. Having contact with the natural world boosts self-esteem, lowers anxiety, increases feelings of well-being, and encourages a joyful attitude. No, seriously — that’s science, and so is this: looking at visually pleasing art releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. So it’s no wonder cartoon critters with expressive faces make people smile.

“I love WildLifeCoach. It’s a great demonstration of how you can do good in the world using the tools you have at hand . . . [It’s] great advice and calming words under the guise of adorable animals.” – Ann Patchett
As an added bonus, each WildLifeCoach doodle comes with a little pep talk. So if you don’t have time for a safari or a hike in the woods before you head off into a stressful day, check in with your WildLifeCoach of the week. Take a tiny moment of meditation with a funny turtle or pig or zebra; then wade out into the wild world of humanity . . . and breathe deep.

Find your WildLifeCoach at its new Instagram, and tag a friend who needs a pep talk!

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