Shopping for a Car — And a Teenager’s Future
by Mary Laura Philpott

I know better than to think I can buy safety for my son, but I’m browsing anyway.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 5.02.03 PM

Eleven years ago, my life was changing, and I tried to stave off my anxiety about it by immersing myself in the search for the perfect stroller. Now I’m doing the same thing, but this time the vehicle in question is a lot bigger and more powerful.

Back then, my husband’s job temporarily relocated us from Atlanta to Dublin with our baby and preschooler. As our plans firmed up, I went into my default mode (compulsive list-making), under the influence of both excitement and fear. The excitement made sense — I’d been home washing onesies and juggling nap-times for nearly four years and couldn’t wait to cross the ocean and change my scenery for a few months.

The fear was a bit more complicated.

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